Integrating Music and Mental Health | Music Therapy | Music for Wellness 3/30

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In this video series, Berklee College of Music faculty Dr. Suzanne B. Hanser, a board-certified music therapist, and Annette Philip, founder and director of the renowned Berklee Indian Ensemble, share simple strategies from the Berklee Online course “Music Therapy Techniques for Wellness” to help you enrich your mind, body, and spirit through music. Combining science with the wisdom of Eastern philosophy, you’ll learn how to enhance your general wellbeing through tactics such as improvisation, songwriting, creating your own mantra, composing personal affirmation jingles, circle singing, Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR), writing and identifying comforting lullabies, pranayama breathing exercises, deep and active listening, and building functional playlists.

About Suzanne Hanser:
Dr. Suzanne B. Hanser is founding chair of the Music Therapy Department at Berklee College of Music. She is past president of both the World Federation of Music Therapy and the National Association for Music Therapy. Dr. Hanser is the author of many research articles, as well as several books: “The New Music Therapist’s Handbook,” “Manage Your Stress and Pain,” with co-author Dr. Susan Mandel, and “Integrative Health through Music Therapy: Accompanying the Journey from Illness to Wellness.” In 2006 she was named by the Boston Globe as one of 11 Bostonians Changing the World. In 2009 she was awarded the Sage Publications Prize for her article, “From Ancient to Integrative Medicine: Models for Music Therapy.” She received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Music Therapy Association in November 2011.

About Annette Philip:
A vocalist, pianist, composer, and recording artist, Annette Philip is the artistic director of Berklee’s renowned Indian Music Ensemble, one of the largest and most diverse ensembles with more than 50 members. Before coming to Berklee, Philip cofounded Artists Unlimited, a performing arts ensemble promoting collaboration among musicians in New Delhi, India. She has shared the stage with artists such as Buster Williams, Victor Lewis, Angelique Kidjo, and Jack DeJohnette. Philip is also core vocalist and creative director of Women of the World, an international 10-piece ensemble with members representing nine countries. In 2015, Philip toured with A.R. Rahman.

About Berklee Online:
Founded in 2002, Berklee Online is the premier innovator and largest provider of worldwide music education, offering more than 75,000 students from 144 countries the renowned curriculum of Berklee College of Music, at a fraction of the cost. Through Berklee Online’s award-winning online courses, certificates, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs, students receive expert music instruction and emerge with the skills to exceed the demands of the music industry. Call, text, or email an Academic Advisor today:
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