Upbeat Background Music – Positive Groove

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►Song Title: Stay Positive

►To quickly clear any Copyright Claims using my music, please email support@adrev.net with:
• The link to your video
• The start and stop times the music appears
• Your PDF license attached to the email
NOTE 1: DO NOT dispute the claim within your YouTube account, as this can slow down the process (AdRev is unable to manually access the claim during this time).
NOTE 2: A Content ID Claim is NOT a Copyright Strike. Copyright Claims do not affect the status of your YouTube Channel in any way. MorningLightMusic will never issue a Copyright Strike on YouTube.


– What is “Royalty Free Music”?
‘Royalty Free Music’ simply means creators can purchase a license, pay once, and never have to pay additional royalties to continue to use the music. ‘Public Performance’ royalties are still owed to the composer of the track every time their music is performed publicly (television, radio, etc.).  However, you/your client NEVER pay these royalties. They are paid by the network broadcasting the music.
– Can I use this song in my YouTube video?
Yes. All license tiers cover use in a YouTube video.
– Can I use a song in multiple projects?
Yes. Once you have a license to use a song, you can use that song as many times as you want, in as many projects as you want (as long as the projects are covered by the usage terms of the License).
– I’m a freelance video producer. Does my license cover my clients?
Yes. The license you purchase covers the clients who hire you to create their projects. You can forward them the PDF License if they need proof of licensure, or need to clear a Content ID claim. However, the client cannot use the music for a different project, separate from what you were hired to create.
– Can I add lyrics to a song?
No.  Adding lyrics, and/or redistribution is prohibited.

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