Mainstream media is quick to offer up the latest in new music to listen. new music to listen to is still around because you can’t actually stop this from going on. At one time, I ran an internet radio station and I personally selected the artists that would get air play.

See on this link to hear about Never Fall In Love Song, by The Dance Therapee



Just like his previous albums, THE DANCE THERAPEE‘s new music features songs about Never Fall In Love Again. However, just like all his other songs, it was still a message about falling out of love and ending a relationship with someone. This time though, it was more positive.

The song speaks volume about acceptance. THE DANCE THERAPEE‘s music video also showed his in a sunny mood. It was about forgiveness and setting an ex-lover free. This was a bit different with his songs in the past, which were mostly about revenge, anger, and holding on. THE DANCE THERAPEE is undoubtedly a global phenomenon. There is no wonder why his concerts around the world have been doing really well.

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