Noise Fragments: "Music Therapy" (from Matias Masucci's Noise Matters)

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Dr. Dorian (Kevin Dorian) talks about the origin of music therapy with a brief performance by Ryan (Dean Delray) for the needy children.

Taken from the film Noise Matters written and directed by Matias Masucci starring Ugo Bianchi, Brett Roberts, Joey Capone, Dean Delray and Matias Masucci.

With Frank Payne, Circus-Szalewski, Kevin Dorian, Pollyanna McIntosh, Angela Sarafyan, Mona Lee Goss, Ken MacFarlane, Nika Williams, Johnny Skourtis, Angel Fajardo, Gene Richards, Dominique Dorian, Hans Holm, Nicolai Dorian, Brock Branan, Barbara Magnolfi, Tripp Simpson Rezac, Cam Powell, Dan Finkel, Chad Herman, Joey Baldwin, Luciano Mancinoni, Val Snyder, Josh Inch, Austin Jeffcoat, Gregory D. Jeffcoat, Robert Wilhelm, Tim Hochmuth, Delphine Perroud, Cheryl Currie.

Lights & photography by Sebastien Hameline, costumes by Barbara DiCocco, sound design by Will Ogilvie, production assisted by Hans Holm and Artemio Caballero, on set photography by Stefania Rosini, co-produced by Lee Cantelon and Kevin Dorian with story consulting by Arthur Conway. Original songs by Veronica Bianqui and Cody Marks.

An Independent Society production.

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