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Jonathan Rodriguez, known professionally as JTruthPA, is a 26-year-old Philadelphia native who has been turning heads and spreading positive messages since the age of 13. Growing up in a community plagued with violence, he aspired to use his musical gifts to speak his truth and draw attention to the bright side of the negative situations that many can relate to. At 19, he left his job as a cashier at a gas station to study hip hop, further his vocal abilities, and pursue his dreams of a music career. When opportunities weren’t knocking, the well-rounded artist turned to busk both as a creative outlet and for survival income. After pursuing that for a while and finding success, he was inspired to engage with a larger audience and decided to take a trip to New York to try his hand at busking in Times Square. Within just a few hours of performing, a clip of his performance blew up on WorldStarHipHop and enabled him to perform his very first stage show at Barry University College in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He was also offered the chance to further his brand in Las Vegas. Not long after arriving in Vegas, however, JTruthPA ended up homeless. But he wasn’t going to let that stop him. Returning to his love of busking, he was able to further hone his craft and captured hearts along the way. As he continued to gain attention, he used his busking as a self-made platform to speak his truth and connect with all who listened in hopes of being a beacon of inspiration and change in the world.

His lyricism, energetic flow, passionate melodies, infectious positivity, and commanding voice give him a unique, soulful sound that vibrates with the capacity to shake the world. As a bilingual artist of Latino descent, JTruthPA believes that in order to change the world, we must first change ourselves. His own change came when he realized he was caught in the lies of social norms, self-victimization, and the echo chamber of social media. As someone who was always fiercely independent, JTruthPA was finally able to change his life when he began to focus on interdependence. This small mindset shift helped to carry him above fear, self-doubt, and the mental warfare all too common in the youth of today. Speaking from a place of passion, learning more every day to become a light in the darkest of places, and using his vulnerability as his strength, JTruthPA strives to be a voice for every soul who faces the daily battle of finding balance and purpose. Dedicated to the mantra, “live your truth,” JTruthPA offers his experience as service to others as a mentor with the Hope for Prisoners program, which provides guidance and assistance to the formerly incarcerated to help them reclaim their lives. He is fully committed to the idea that if we embrace the colors that make us who we are, we can create a more colorful, vibrant world.

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