Music for Cleaning: Upbeat Instrumental Music To Make Cleaning Fun!

Upbeat instrumental music to help making cleaning fun. Includes favorites and originals that are beautifully arranged giving great energy. Will help get chores done!
1. Rose Colored Glasses
2. Let It Be (Beatles Instrumental Version)
3. It Might Be You (Theme From Tootsie On The Piano)
4. I’ll Never Fall In Love Again (Bacharach)
5. Away From The World
6. Arthur’s Theme (Dudley Moore’s Arthur – Instrumental)
7. If I Could Fly
8. The Gift
9. Pictures In My Mind
10. A Single Step
11. Mandy
12. Theme From Movie Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (Pure Imagination Instrumental)
13. Fridays Child
14. Amalo – Dayo
15. All I Know (Art Garfunkel Piano Version)

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