MHA – Music Therapy: Joyce Williams

In 2011, Joyce Williams was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. After moving to one of our care homes, she was prescribed Music Therapy to help alleviate the stress and anxiety of her condition.

Joyce Olivia Williams loved to dance. As a child, as a young married woman at tea dances with friends, with her daughter Lesley and most recently with her great granddaughters Chloe and Sophia.

Music always meant dancing and joy to Joyce. This was one of the reasons why, when Joyce was living with Alzheimer’s and feeling increasingly confused and isolated as the condition progressed, Music Therapy helped unlock those feelings of joy once again.

As Joyce’s granddaughter, Jennifer, says: “Music has a way of bridging the gap, spanning generations in a particular way. For the person living with dementia, and their families, you get to a point when you have to live in the moment, and to live for that moment. The key then is to gather these moments together and turn them into memories, especially for those of us surrounding that person.

“The Music Therapy Nan received, thanks to MHA, helped her live in the moment giving her peace and happiness at a time when she was often disorientated and troubled. Her therapists also found a way to weave music, and its effects, into her day to day care, which made living with this condition easier for us, and her.

“I wish Music Therapy was more readily available to people living with dementia. Sessions cost £30, which at MHA homes are funded by them. However, fundraising needs to increase so that more homes can offer this therapy to more people. Dementia is a condition that affects so many of us. It is a part of every community. I would love to see more fundraising happen at a community level, supported by local businesses, who can raise funds for local homes.”

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