Best EUROVISION Song in EVERY GENRE | All-time Top

In this video I categorise Eurovision songs based on genres and make top-fives for every genre. In every top five I include and rank songs by my taste only. There are less than five songs in some genres because I couldn’t find more eurovision songs in that specific genre. I am well aware that music genres are very subjective and often difficult to distinguish, there are often many genres mixed in one song. That’s why when I include a song in a genre, it is the main genre that this song can be categorised by (in my opinion). I understand that this distinction by main genres is subjective and someone else could have chosen a different main genre for some of the songs, that is fine by me. Also even in my system sometimes I find that songs have two main genres. In this case I include these songs in both genre top fives. I hope this clarified how I chose a specific genre for each song, I hope you enjoy this video;)

Genres is one of many ways how you can appreciate different songs without thinking about their placements in semifinals or finals. After all, the artists that go to Eurovision most often don’t create their songs to compete in Eurovision, they enter Eurovision to celebrate diversity of music, to broadcast their music to the world, to share the messages of their songs with people around the world, often to help as many people as possible through their songs, to elate their spirits, to make them feel more confident and powerful, to make it easier for them to cope with their problems or to make them feel more free and less obsessed with what others think about them. Music is first and foremost about the song itself, the message of it, the emotions that it stirs in people and the beauty of it’s composition and arrangement.

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