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BFLAME is a hip-hop artist from the American Midwest. He has a passion for energetic arrangements and massive beats, with an edgy vocal flows. He has been in love with music ever since he was a young kid listening to vynl records, and great sound is something that’s definitely deeply rooted in his heart and soul. When you listen to his punchy tracks, you know BFLAME is definitely connecting with every Instrument & sound within the records vibe,one hundred percent!

His music is more than just hip-hop, but rather a unique style, known as “Iconic Music,” and it really represents BFLAME’s unique lyrical tones and attitude. He is truly a musical genius who creates marvelous masterpieces & motivated to spark a fire with the ability to connect with the flow of music, and time after time create Supreme music to his fans, and reach out to the audience all over the world!

For many rappers, music is just entertainment. For BFLAME, it’s all about not being afraid to step outside of the box, or following everyone else. Just being hiself in self-expression, sharing ideas and creating something unique…it’s gotta start from somewhere, and looking inside the music is the answer!

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BFLAME is passionate about stunning rap beats and massive melodies!
BFLAME is a Midwestern rapper with a passion for unique vibes and great sonic ideas.

BFLAME is an iconic rap artist with a unique flow.

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